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Curly Girls

Express your inner curl

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Are you a Christian Curly Girl?
Then this is the place for you!

We're here to discuss our inner curl and curl care techniques. Curly girl pictures are welcome--we want lots of pictures of your locks!

The membership is moderated. You must be a Christian (Protestant) female to join. Girls with all types of hair are welcome to join--even non-curly girls! No profanity or anything objectionable is allowed, of course.

Please take note:

1. We do not allow people to join who use profanity in their own journals or express un-Christ-like thoughts and behavior. We have the right to refuse membership to anyone at our own discretion.

2. If we cannot determine from your public entries and your info if you're a Protestant Christian female or not, we will leave a comment to ask you. If you do not allow comments from non-friends or do not have an entry for us to comment on, we will refuse your membership request. To prevent this from happening, please allow comments from non-friends in your journal or leave a comment introducing yourself on one of melyndie's entries. Thank you.

Our community began because of Lorraine Massey's book Curly Girl. Check it out--it has some great curl care advice!

New to the Curly Girl concept?
Start here!

And be sure to check out the Curly Girl Community Memories for quick links to more great tips from other Curly Girls.

For further information and testimonials about this method, we highly encourage you to visit gretchenlouiseGretchen's website about it here: Got Curl?

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